Ophthalmic Products

VCRID Eye Drop

Naphazoline HCl – 0.56mg

CPM -0.1mg , Zinc sulphate-1.2mg

HPMC – 1.2mg, Benzalkonium chloride solution – 0.0001ml (as preservative)

Availability   10 ML FFS packing
Therapeutic Group   Naphazoline – Decongestant
CPM - Anti histamine
HPMC - Lubricant
Zinc Sulphate
Mode of Action  

Naphazoline works as vasoconstrictor & provides temporary releif of conjunctival edema,hypermia.

Zinc sulphate act as Astringent & provides relief from itching & burning due to pollen & dust.

HPMC provides soothing & cooling effect

CPM provides Antihistaminic action.

Clinical Benefits   Faster Acting triple action ophthalmic Solution
Relives redness,itching,burning and watery eyes
Usage and Application  
The usual recommended dose is 1-2drops in affected eyes as needed.
Adverse Effects  

Nil on topical application.